Ryan’s Closet


Shoes: Hoka One One Bondi 5’s Wide


I struggled to find a good wide running shoe until Hoka came out with this in the spring of 2017. These shoes are like running on clouds with the amount of cushion on the bottom.





Socks: Darn Tough


These socks are true to their name. I have never had a problem with them. My feet have never felt overheated in them, and I have never gotten blisters from them. They are very thin which is a bonus.





Pack: Salomon Skin Lab Hydro 5

downloadThis pack has ample pockets to store things. The main pocket on the back holds a 3 liter bladder which is very convenient for long races. The back pocket stretches out very far show you can shove a jacket and other clothes all in there at once with no problem.





Headband: American Flag

HONOR_BBL-S1_1024x1024 Because… MURICA!!!






Shades: Bolle

bolle These are great because there is a large nose piece that lifts the sunglasses away from your face so there is airflow (no fogging). Polarized as well, relatively inexpensive.